Counseling Center

Counseling Center Last Updated: 9/7/2021 1:40 AM


The general goal of the counseling program at Baker Public Schools is to help students achieve the greatest personal value from their educational opportunities.  We work to provide students with planned opportunities to develop future career and educational plans, and to help students identify options and make choices about their educational program.

It is our philosophy at Baker Public Schools that all students have equal access to a comprehensive school counseling program, and that this program serves as an integral piece of the overall education experience.  The counseling department believes that educational, career, personal, and social goals can be established and achieved by every Baker student.  Essential to our philosophy, is the belief that collaboration between school counselors, educators, administrators, support staff and parents will ensure that the needs and goals of every student are addressed so that each student can achieve success. Our goal is to promote a commitment to life-long learning, personal and academic growth, and to aid students in becoming responsible, culturally aware and productive members of society.