This annual fundraiser hosted by Student Council will run from Monday, October 8 through Friday October 12. The was is between grades 7-12 AS WELL AS the staff. The war is over when the bell rings to end school on Friiday, October 12. There will be 5 gallon containers for each group placed in the following rooms:

7th graders-Mrs. Hadley

8th graders-Mr. Robinson

Freshman-Mr. Shumaker

Sophmores-Mrs. Anderson

Junior-Mr. Waldbillig

Seniors-Mrs. Bettenhausen

Staff- High School Main Office

Only pennies count towards the win. Add up all pennies.Subtract dollars & silver from the amount of pennies. The class who has the most pennies OR the class that has the least negative amount wins. The winners will be treated to a pizza party courtesy of Student Council.

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