BHS Hosts Junior High Music Festival

MS Music Fest_1BHS Hosts Junior High Music Festival

By Erica Verke

Members of the Baker band and choir attended the Junior High Music Festival on Thursday, March 10th. There were 40 events including performances and ensembles in solos, duets, and trios. Six of the events received a I+, 27 events a I, and 7 events received a II for their performances. The events that received a I+ were Bryleigh Arnold drum solo, Tylar Smith flute solo, Jerrick Moser trumpet solo, Kaydree Anderson, Emily Enos, and Karlee Dyke clarinet trio, Jaxyn Lyson and Tai Setinc drum solo, Ryann Gorder and Jayda Harbaugh clarinet-saxophone duet. 

The students that received a I were Jessica Kruger and Cricket Wyrwas vocal duet, DeeAnna Hess flute solo, Ophelia Nacey and Natalie Noftsker duet, Iva Setinc solo, Ophelia Nacey, Jayda Harbaugh, Iva Setinc trio, Avery O’Connor and Ms. Whiteman duet, Avery O’Connor baritone solo, Jessica Kruger solo, Ophelia Nacey and Ms. Whiteman duet, Casey Koenigsfeld, Jerrick Moser, Ms. Whiteman trio, Jessica Krugerr and Tylar Smith duet, Madigan Shipstead snare solo, Vanessa Sincavage and Ms. Whiteman duet, Vicky Davis flute solo, Madison O’Connor solo, Julia Schallenburger solo, Cricket Wyrwas solo, Ophelia Nacey and Jayda Harbaugh duet, 7th grade band, 7th grade choir, Iva Setinc and Ms. Whiteman duet, Michael Hanson and Jayden Harbaugh duet, DeeAnna Hess and Madigan Shipstead vocal, DeeAnna Hess and Ms. Whiteman duet, Iva Setinc and DeeAnna Hess duet, DeeAnna Hess and Kamryn Miller duet, and Ashtyn Arnold and Ms. Whiteman duet. 

The students that received a II were Vicky Davis vocal solo, Ophelia Nacey and Iva Setinc duet, Kaydree Anderson piano solo, Michael Hanson and Ms. Whiteman duet, Madigan Shipstead vocal, Avery O’Connor vocal solo, and DeeAnna Hess vocal solo. Good work and congratulations on all awards given to these musicians here at BHS!

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