2021-2022 School Supply List


Grade 4

Back Pack (No Rollers) marked with child’s name

3 Packages of #2 pencils (50 pencils) and Colored pencils

6 glue sticks

2 large erasers

1 Plastic School Supply Box

Girls bring 1 pack of gallon Ziploc bags and boys bring 1 pack of quart Ziploc bags

2 large boxes of Kleenex

1 ream loose leaf paper and 1 notebook

5 Pencils (regular size-no novelty)

10 glue sticks and 1 bottle of Elmer’s glue

1 large eraser and 1 box of eraser caps

8-12 washable markers and 1 box of dry erase markers

PE Shoes (To keep at school) that can be fastened independently


Child Fiskars scissor

Kleenex (1 box) 

1 Box of 24 Crayola Twistable Crayons (Other kinds break too easily.)

1 box of Crayons

3 Black fine tip permanent markers

1 pair of headphones (no earbuds please)

1 Composition Book

Grade 1

Ruler and a protractor

Back Pack (No Rollers) marked with child’s name

(1) 3 ring binder and a 2-pocket folder (No trapper keepers)

Pencil Box (Plastic with lid) No Locking

1 pair of headphones

2-3 packs of # 2 yellow pencils

1 computer mouse (corded or wireless)


Disinfectant wipes

3 large boxes of Kleenex

Grade 5

1 box 24 color crayons (with a true red) and 1 box colored pencils and 10 count Crayola markers

48-#2 pencils and/or mechanical pencils

Large pink eraser

8-10 white glue sticks

(3)-2 pocket folders and 1 large 2” binder

 Child Fiskars scissors

2 boxes of Kleenex (large boxes)

1-2 Expo Markers-Ultra fine point

Large liquid Elmer’s glue

1 pair of Children’s headphones –No earbuds

Package of at least 8 markers and (1)-24 pack of colored pencils

PE shoes that students can tie or Velcro

Large pack of glues sticks ( 10 or more)

No pencil sharpeners and no mechanical pencils

Black permanent markers of varying sizes

Grade 2

Crayons 12-24 count pack

# 2 pencils and a pencil box

Adult Scissors

3-large erasers

3 large notebooks (Science, Social Studies, Math)

Crayons (16 count or less) and washable markers

3 large book covers and 1 medium book cover

1 school glue

1 pair of headphones and a corded computer mouse

Glue sticks

2 Disinfectant wipes

1 tablet or notebook

PE Shoes

2 large boxes Kleenex

Oversized paint shirt/painting smock (optional)

2   2 pocket folders

Grade 6

1 pair of headphones and 1 pair of PE shoes to keep at school

# 2 pencils


Large eraser

No pencil sharpeners and mechanical pencils

2 boxes of Kleenex (large boxes)

Grade 3

Ruler (with metric & inches)

50 #2 Pencils and 1 Pencil Box

1 pair of headphones

1 Large Eraser

6 glue sticks or 3 large ones

1 Box 24 count crayons and 1 Box 24 Count Colored Pencils

1 five subject notebook for Science

12 Pack of Crayola Markers (Broad Tip)

(2)-2 pocket folders

1 Package of Dry Erase Markers

1 Composition notebook

P.E. Shoes

6 Book Covers (optional)

10 Glue Sticks

Sharp Scissors (Adult size)

1 Bottle White School Glue

Colored pencils and/or markers

12-inch ruler

1 Blue pen and 1 Red pen


Black ultra-fine tip permanent marker-2 or more

4 2-Pocket Folders

2 regular notebooks and loose-leaf paper

1 Large Box of Kleenex

P.E. Shoes

1 Wide-Ruled Composition Notebook

1 Package of Wide Ruled Loose-Leaf Paper

Calculator and 1 Protractor without the swing arm

(1) Paint shirt

1 Pair of Headphones and 1 Corded Computer Mouse

Dry Erase Markers

** Teachers may request additional supplies throughout the year

** Teachers may request additional supplies throughout the year


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