COVID-19 Update in the School

On Tuesday November 24, 2020, the Baker School District was notified that a staff member tested positive for COVID-19. According to the Fallon County Health Department, the District’s staff and students were not in contact with the staff member during the period of possible exposure. The staff member last worked on campus with fellow staff at Longfellow Elementary on Monday November 23, 2020 one (1) day prior to the staff member’s diagnosis.

If any staff or students are at risk of exposure, the Fallon County Health Department will be in contact with that person to determine a safe and appropriate course of action. It is still recommended that any person who feels sick or ill, seek out their medical provider for specific instructions. The School District is in contact with the Fallon County Health Department and has continued thorough cleaning/disinfecting of the school facilities. School officials will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further information if and when it becomes available.

With the addition of one (1) new active case we currently have two (2) active cases either staff or students within the District. At this moment we currently have 29 students and 2 staff members in quarantine and/or isolation as a result of testing positive and/or based on contract tracing related to a positive test result. These numbers adjust daily as individuals have met the requirements to return to campus, thus lowering our numbers and/or our numbers increase as a result of additional positive cases and contact tracing. These numbers will be reported with new positive cases.

As a District we continue to require face coverings, promote physical distancing when possible, wash/sanitize hands, sanitize/disinfect surfaces, and clean our facilities. Thank you for your continued support of our school system and assisting us in keeping our students and staff safe.

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