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1908F Form

This afternoon (8.3.2020) the Board adopted policy allowing parents/students to request remote/offsite instruction during the Declared State of Emergency issued by Governor Bullock. Parents/students must submit form 1908F to the District office by 3:00pm on Friday August 14th. The Board will have their regularly scheduled board meeting on Tuesday August 11th to finalize our reopening plans. We understand that decisions made by the Board of Trustees next Tuesday may influence your decision to either continue with in-person/onsite instruction and/or opt-out and choose remote/offsite instruction. 

Parents/students who choose remote learning will have an initial two (2) week trial period for which they can decide to return to in-person/onsite learning. However, if the District is not notified during the initial two (2) week trial and/or immediately following the trial period that the student will be returning to in-person instruction, then the student will remain in remote/offsite learning until the District is notified of a change at the mid-quarter (4.5 weeks). Students who have opted for remote/offsite learning may only return to in-person/onsite instruction at either a mid-quarter or start of a new quarter.

The above information will be made available on our District website ( as well as parents/guardians who have submitted an email address to the district will receive an email notification. 

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