DRAFT Re-Open Schools Plan

UPDATE (DRAFT PLANS)--Please understand these are DRAFT PLANS that we want to share with the community. The below information has NOT been finalized and serves to provide the community with an outline and NOT an exhaustive list of all the issues and scenarios we have been assessing and strategizing solutions to. 

At this time, we are planning on returning to the classroom in August that will include in-person instruction for students. Policies will be in place that will allow parents/students to request remote/offsite learning rather than being on campus for in-person instruction. In grades 7-12, we are considering requiring those students who are engaged in remote/offsite learning to login LIVE to each of their classes during the school day. Essentially, a student in grades 7-12 would be participating LIVE with their teacher and classmates during each period of instruction. In the elementary, for those students who are engaged in remote/offsite learning we will have hard copy work packets that will be sent home each week and will be turned back into the school for the teacher to assess progress. We are also exploring the possibility of elementary students being able to watch recorded lessons and/or login LIVE for specific times to engage with the class on direct instruction. At all times teachers, students, and parents must be ready to transition to remote learning in the event that school is required to shut down for a period of time and/or a specific student(s)/staff member(s) have been required to quarantine based on testing positive and/or being in contact with others who have tested positive. Situations involving a positive COVID case and/or exposure to individuals who have tested positive will involve county health officials who will oversee the mitigation process. At this time, we are not considering temperature checks for all students but will provide specific information for parents/guardians as to how they can pre-screen their children prior to sending them to school (symptom form checklist). We are still in the process of finalizing student arrival plans (students arriving at school in the morning) as well as release procedures, which may involve a staggered release at the elementary levels. Next year’s calendar, adopted by the Board of Trustees, involves increased time in the elementary school day; Lincoln will release at 3:10 p.m. and Longfellow at 3:20 p.m. Thus, we may stagger when K-6 students are released, as a grade level, at the end of the school day. We will serve lunch each day but it will most likely involve a rotation of classes utilizing the cafeteria on some days and on other days eating in their classroom (we would deliver meals to those classrooms). We will have recess for our students, along with having PE, Music and our other electives. Chromebooks will be issued to students 7-12 and will travel with them during the school day (cases will be provided) and may go home in the evening. Each individual student in K-6 will be assigned a device that will be specific to them only and will only go home in the event that it is necessary for remote learning. We have software in place that provides highly sophisticated internet filtration and internet security for our students and staff who are utilizing our device and/or are signed into a device under their school account. Any device (Chromebook, iPad, etc.) that is signed into under a school account will be using our internet filter and firewall. We will run route buses and will space out households. We will sanitize buses after students have been dropped off at school prior to students being picked up after school. At this time, face coverings are not being required/mandated by the Board of Trustees. However, we are waiting on guidance from the Governor's office as to if they will be mandated for public schools. For grades 7-12, we are planning on transitioning between classes on our normal bell schedule and to accommodate this, we would need students to wear a face covering during transition time (in between classes--on their way to their next class). We are planning on having an Elementary Open-House the night before the first day of school (still in the planning phase) which would allow students to deliver their school supplies to their classrooms. Mainly in the elementary schools (applicable District-wide), all snacks that are going to be distributed to students must be commercially wrapped/pre-packed. Our grading policies that were in place prior to closure in the spring will be utilized moving forward for both onsite and offsite instruction. We are anticipating (NOT FINALIZED) MHSA fall sports being a go and we are expecting an update from MHSA with specific guidelines for fall activities on Monday (7.27.2020). 

Please understand that we are working diligently to ensure we are reopening a safe learning environment for our students, staff, and community. We know how difficult of a time this is for our students, our parents, our community and especially our staff. We will have a finalized plan that will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees in August (8.11.2020--next board meeting) that will be shared with the community. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our schools.


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