Last Updated: 9/10/2019 8:33 PM

Student Union is a group that advocates abstinence from illegal drugs and alcohol while a student at Baker High School and Middle School.  Activities include Red Ribbon Week, The Great American Smokeout, and Kindness Week.  Students in the group participate in classroom activities with grades K-6, where they do classroom skits and mentor the younger students. They also decorate the hallways at Lincoln, Longfellow, the middle school and the high school for Red Ribbon, Great American Smokeout and Kindness Weeks. Students in grades 7-12 may join Student Union as long as they pledge to be drug and alcohol free.  Ms. Curry and Mrs. Quade are the advisors for this organization.


  • President- Hannah Goerndt
  • Vice President- Mya Hadley
  • Secretary- Halle Burdick
  • Treasurer- Mattie Mastel
  • Student Council Rep.- Hope Craft and Cooper O'Connor
  • Advisors - Mrs. Quade



  • September 21- International Day of Peace
  • October- National Bullying Prevention Month and Red Ribbon Week
  • November- Great American Smokeout
  • December 1- National Day of Giving
  • December 16- National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
  • January 24- National Compliment Day
  • February 27- National Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • March- Spread the Word to End the Word
  • April- Stress Awareness Month
  • May 1- May Day